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Cathi Stoler is an award-winning advertising creative director and copywriter turned mystery novelist. Her novels, "Telling Lies" and “Keeping Secrets,” and "The Hard Way," published by Camel Press, are available in Trade Paperback or as an eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores everywhere. Her novella, “Nick of Time,” from Glenmere Press is available at Amazon.

Las Vegas, New York, designer duds, diamond thieves and - crucially - characters you care about make a killer combination. With crisp prose and gym-fit plotting Stoler delivers a slice of the high life and its underbelly that keeps you turning those pages right to the tricky, tricky end. —Catriona McPherson, award winning author of "As She Left It" and the Dandy Gilver series

Photograph of cover of PI Helen McCorkendale’s childhood friend, Jimmy Scanlan, has just opened January, the most lavish casino and hotel resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Helen returns to New York after the grand opening and encourages her friend, Laurel Imperiole, Senior Editor at Women Now magazine, to create a contest for readers offering a weekend at the hotel as the grand prize. When the winner, Dawn Chapman, a jewelry store employee from Cincinnati, is murdered in an unusual double poisoning by cyanide and diamond dust, Jimmy calls on Helen for help. Does her death have anything to do with the priceless red diamond being unveiled at the hotel by the International Diamond Dealers Consortium? Helen and Laurel need their luck to hold as they investigate the murder, and do it "the hard way," going for doubles when the odds are against them and losing may mean losing their lives.

Photograph of cover of Is the person you love who you think they are? Or, will you find they’ve beenkeeping secrets?

As a senior editor at Women Now magazine,beautiful and talented Laurel Imperiole has a life most thirty-somethings would kill for. When she responds to a series of frantic e-mails from a reader who’s learned that her fiancé may be using several fake identities, she sets off a chain of events that topples her once-secure world.

Teaming up with Helen McCorkendale, a veteran private detective, the women delve into the subject of hidden identity and come up with more than they bargained for. From a run in with the mob and the world of international banking, to deceit and murder, and Laurel's hot affair with a sexy detective, the women find out who they can trust, and who just might kill to keep the truth from ever becoming known.

Photograph of cover of A chance encounter in Florence's Uffizi Museum plunges "Women Now" editor Laurel Imperiole and private investigator Helen McCorkendale into a deadly maze of greed and deceit. From Italy to the gritty streets of New York, the two women pursue their perp in this non-stop crime thriller.

How many lies does it take to get away with murder? Laurel and Helen find out as they thread their way through a sinister skein of lies that could end in death.

Photograph of cover of Nick Donahue, an American gambler, is in Venice playing blackjack when hemeets a beautiful woman in desperateneed of help. He obliges and is kidnapped,then embroiled in a world-wide moneylaundering scheme run by a Swiss bankwith the NY mob as its main client. Whenhe blows the whistle, the mob demandsrestitution, which only Nick, using all ofhis gambling know-how can provide.


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