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Telling Lies

Photograph of cover of How many lies does it take to get away with murder?

Laurel Imperiole, Senior Editor of "Women Now" magazine is enjoying a much-needed vacation in Florence, Italy. On her last day in the city, a chance encounter at the Uffizi Museum brings Laurel to a startling realization: she’s just bumped into a dead man.

Jeff Sargasso, a former friend and art dealer, was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11 while concluding a private deal with Alfred Hammersmith, world-famous CEO of Hammersmith & Mann Investments. Sargasso was to broker the sale of what would become the world’s most expensive painting—priced at a hefty $150 million dollars. Hammersmith was acquiring the painting from an even bigger corporate shark, Miayamu Moto, of the multibillion-dollar MMJapan Corporation. Sargasso planned to leave for Japan immediately after the meeting to authenticate the painting and turn over the access codes to a Swiss holding account in which 10% of the asking price had been deposited.

Neither Sargasso nor Hammersmith made it out of 1 World Trade Center. Sargasso’s body was never recovered and it was presumed that the access codes to the $15 million died with him.

Could the man Laurel bumped into really have been Jeff Sargasso? Was it possible he’d faked his death to steal the $15 million dollars and had disappeared without a trace?

Calling on private investigator Helen McCorkendale for help, the women plunge into an investigation that leads them through a maze of murder and deceit, stolen Nazi art and the Israeli Mossad.

Searching for answers, Laurel and Helen thread their way through a sinister skein of lies that takes them on a whirlwind journey that could end in death.

"Telling Lies", published by Camel Press, is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Readers may purchase it as an eBook, Trade Paperback or Hard Cover.


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