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"Keeping Secrets"

It's great to read a contemporary mystery with two strong female leads who are friends without being sidekicks to one another. Cathi Stoler writes about the problems faced by modern women sympathetically, but in a way that also reminds us that certain dilemmas are timeless. The burgeoning love triangle between Laurel, Matt and Aaron, for example, is echoed in Helen's navigation of her own tricky relationships with Mike and Joe. The romances are just as colorful as the mysteries unraveled here, and just as satisfyingly resolved.
—Doreen Sheridan, Criminal Element

With precise writing and a knowing eye, Cathi Stoler depicts Manhattan’s exclusive clubs, trendy restaurants, and upscale shops, and then, secret by secret, reveals a terrifying underside. No one is safe, least of all Laurel Imperiole and Helen McCorkendale, who must employ all of their considerable courage and savvy to survive. "Keeping Secrets" keeps you hooked to the very end.
—Kevin Egan, author of Midnight

A smart modern mystery with an appealing heroine that I would love to have for a friend.
—Laura Joh Rowland, author of The Shogun's Daughter

Cathi Stoler nails the hip, downtown NY scene in "Keeping Secrets," a fun, breezy suspense novel that asks the question How well do we really know those closest to us? When a journalist receives a series of emails too intriguing to ignore it sets her on a path that's dangerous for the sender - and for herself. Luckily, she's aided by a smart, female p.i. and a fashionista best friend who'll make sure she's trim and well-dressed as she gets the story and tracks down the truth about two mysterious men. A strong new entry in the series.
—Rosemary Harris, Anthony and Agatha finalist and author of Pushing Up Daisies and The Bitches of Brooklyn

"Telling Lies"

["Telling Lies"] is an exhilarating art investigative thriller with several neat twists. The story line is fast-paced from the moment Jeff and laurel bump into each other and never slows down. Filled with action, but containing a strong cast, readers will want to know why Jeff decided to be dead while Laurel obsesses over the case to the point that trust becomes an issue. Readers will relish Cathi Stoler's taut tale of deception.
—Harriet Klausner, "Bookshelf", Midwest Book Review. Full Review

With "Telling Lies," Cathi Stoler uses the intricacies and passions of the art world to take readers on a suspenseful transatlantic journey of deceit, betrayal and heroism. There is a new crime writer on the block, with a fully realized cast of characters and all the mayhem they can bring.
—David Simon, Creator and Executive Producer of "Treme" and "The Wire"

"Telling Lies" is a gripping, suspenseful read packed with memorable characters and deft twists and turns.
—Judith Kelman, author of 15 suspense novels

This post 9-11 tale of high-end intrigue, murder and suspense is filled with jolts and suprises - the possibility of a staged death, a missing work of art, a financial scam...Cathi Stoler writes smart, contemporary characters embroiled in short, compact chapters. The "jump-cut" nature of scenes set in Italy and NYC make for a fast-paced and exciting read.
—Kathleen Gerard, reviewer for "Reading Between The Lines"

A fast-paced tale of art, espionage and murder set against the backdrops of Italy and New York, "Telling Lies" grabbed my attention from page one. With her knack for compelling characters and storylines that are anything but predictable, Cathi Stoler establishes herself as an author to watch.
—Camille Noe Pagán, author of "The Art of Forgetting"

A priceless painting stolen during WWII; a man missing on 9/11; and a love affair gone awry—add up to the thriller, "Telling Lies," not to be missed!
—Robin Hathaway, author of "Sleight of Hand"


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